• You are on the plateform of monofilament plastic manufacturing industries. We source quality plastic cloth in India.

  • Mahipal Plastic was established in 1989 in BHAVNAGAR at kumbharwada producing all types of monofilament plastic cloth, knitting cloth, Niwar, Sewing cone..

  • Mahipal Plastic also trades with printed non-wooven cloth in various colourful designs.

  • Mahipal Plastic is reliable manufacturing industry for producing best quality monofilament products in India.

  • The main aim of industry is to provide quality products at reasonable price. we always maintain qaulity of our products and we never compromise for quality at any cost. we provide the best to our customer.

1.5" Jari Jackard Niwar
1" Zebra Jackard Niwar
1" plain virgin Niwar
1" Synthetic P.P. Niwar"
1" Jari Jackard Niwar
2" Plain Jackard Niwar
1" Synthatic P.P. Niwar
Monofilament cloth
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